Sunday evening saw us hold an impromptu screening of Hobart filmmaker Frank Daft’s Final Faeces, a film that manages to squeeze intravenous drug use, vomit and the eating of said vomit, throat slitting, head smashing, burger-fucking, defecation, roadkill burning and subtle digs at Gunns into its’ hair-raising eight or so minutes.

Frank turned up in Melbourne on Friday, on his way back from New Zealand where he’d attempted to screen FF and his previous film Marty Don’t Surf. Upon entering NZ however, he was accosted by customs officials who seized, watched, and promptly destroyed all the copies of Final Faeces that Frank had with him.

When we heard Frank’s story, we knew we had to give FF (only existing now as a lone .avi file) a Melbourne screening, so the gig was quickly organised. Frank introduced the films and chatted to the audience afterwards, with FF garnering an overwhelmingly positive response from the highly enthusiastic and vocal crowd. We thank both Frank and Harper for their efforts in pulling this show together.