This friday we’re gonna show this movie by Soda_Jerk called Pixel Pirate II, “a sci-fi / biblical epic / action movie with a subplot of troubled romance”. It stars “Elvis Presley, Moses, The Hulk, Monkey, Batman & Robin, Michael Jackson and The Ghostbusters”. It’s “an hour long narrative remix video constructed from samples pirated from over 300 film and music sources. It contains no original audio or video footage.” Does this not sound like it could be the greatest thing you’ve never seen, maybe?

Everyone who HAS seen it tells us PPII is awesome (“new favourite film” even), and it’ll be free, and you’ve got nothing else goin on friday night anyway, right?

We’ll most likely show a bunch of other things you’ve never seen or probly even heard of to fill the night out (not “filler” tho’ no way—this stuff will be SHIT-HOT too!), and you can BYO food and drinks, and cushions (Because we always run out), if you like. It’ll be fun, like always.