Tape Projects presents an Artist Talk by Dan West at Forepaw. 7pm, Monday the 26th of February. Looks like this might be a regular occurence, too.

The Skinny:

Dan West is an accomplished artist/producer/mentor who works individually and collaboratively on some of Australia’s most innovative sound and temporal projects. Trained originally as a jazz musician at the University of Melbourne, Dan recently founded OUTPOST, a Melbourne division of Share.org, an international network of sound and video artists dedicated to live improvisation and experimentation. Dan was also a Producer/Mentor to local hip-hop artists and rappers of the next generation on DIG DEEP, a community project with young men from the Victorian Juvenile Justice system. Dan is a prolific collaborator with Melbourne electronic outfit, VELURE. He lectures in sound design at the CAE in Melbourne, and has composed several scores for short films and installations.