Come along to a free showing of a performance installation that’s in its second stage of development. ‘Interminable Sets (Pins II)’ by Ann Fuata will be showing at 6pm Friday June 22. There’s a number of other things going on up n down the street on this night for Northern Exposure (ie: loads of exhibition openings), but none of them will be as good as this.

Here is a synopsis from Ann:

My ‘tamed’ hair has been a by-product of a post-colonial lifestyle whereby I have used bobby pins for most of my upbringing. Through each phase of development in childhood, adolescence and now adulthood another bobby pin is either added, discarded or recycled surreptitiously thus creating another setting, such as a scene change of a movie.

The experiences created can be seen as the ephemeral trail of the aftermath of change and, inadvertently the beginnings of restoration.