If you’re not here at our market right now you should head on down. If you can’t make it today then make sure you turn up at Forepaw on Monday at 7pm, when Ernie Althoff will be showing slides and talking about what he’s been up to for the last few decades:

Ernie Althoff was recently amused when his earliest experimental music performances at the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre were documented in WIRE magazine—28 years later. Since these beginnings, he has created a large and diverse body of work. He continues to be charmed by sound worlds generated by his and other people’s aleatoric systems, be they score-based repertoire, improvisations, works for the recording and broadcast media, or kinetic sound installations. He views his ever-popular and still increasing collection of machines and implements as merely a means with which to access sonic potential and possibilities (In a 1994 article, San Jose sound-poet Larry Wendt compared them to surveying instruments used for mapping out a musical territory.) In March 2007, he participated in an international instrument builders’ event hosted by the Auckland Festival. There, he again stated his position of composer/artist first, and technician/craftsman an obvious second. In retribution, one of his machines tumbled from the top of a speaker stack during a performance. All the standard hallmarks of success: international recognition, residencies, journal articles, government funding, twelve minutes of programming on public broadcast television, are featured in his career.

And don’t forget, Trails, our monthly drawing thing, is on Tuesday night, from about 6:30 or so.