Continuing and elaborating on the themes of 2004’s ‘These machines are not for sale’ exhibition, ‘Superceded’ is Brendan J Black’s latest experiment in constructing an abstract sound lab involving tape loops, contact microphones, homemade ‘instruments’ and found objects. How these elements interact will be defined by time and space restrictions. Culminating in an improvised performance utilizing the aforementioned odds and ends on Sunday night, ‘Superceded’ will be open from 6pm on the evenings of Sat June 30th and Sun July 1st.

Forepaw is very pleased to be hosting this new piece of work by Brendan, who may be familiar to many of you as the guitarist in the excellent, injury-prone local rock/noise outfit The Stabs. Come down on Saturday evening to check out the show and have a drink, then come back on Sunday for the performance, which will feature Mr Black and a whole swag of talented collaborators.

Also, please note that ‘Superceded’ will be up for this weekend only. Don’t miss out!

Opening 6pm Saturday June 30 Performance 6pm Sunday July 1