Hello Everybody,

On Saturday evening we will be having our final show/get-together for 2007, and it feels like the perfect event to cap off the year.

So, we present to you this night of quiet drones, field recordings, roughly cut textures and, potentially, mosquito bites:

  • Eamon Sprod (Tarab) + Camilla Hannan
  • Joe Talia
  • Clendisc & Frederec (acoustic strings + motors)

w/ visuals by Anthony Magen of the already-somewhat-infamous Helmet Head.

If the weather is good to us we’ll set up out in the backyard, and start about 8pm so we can catch the sunset. Bring yr own food and booze. It will be beautiful, and most likely the quietest Christmas party ever.

In the event of rain or natural disaster the show will be in the shopfront.

Finally, enormous thanks to the many collaborators, performers, helpers, friends and audience members who have contributed to Forepaw in 2007. All of you, seriously, are just the fucking best.

See you on Saturday.