Please consider:

  • Dworzec
  • Francis Plagne + Marco Fusinato
  • Julian Williams

Dworzec were probably our favourite Melbourne “thing” when they were kicking around in the early 2000s, an extraordinary and now kind of legendary example of “free-floating, unhinged group-think improvisation.” Jon Dale once said that, and he also said this: “Dworzec are a truly incredible outfit—slow-breathing, time-melting, mind-expansion group thought of a most beautiful kind.” They disappeared at some point and haven’t been sighted for at least 5 years, but recently there’s been a couple of attempts at getting them to play again, neither of which ended up occurring due to a) stolen equipment and b) a canceled show. But it’s finally happening. At our place. Do not miss this.

Melbourne teenager Francis Plagne was once described in the Age as having “the sensibility of a middle-aged musicologist and the free-form enthusiasm of a teenage music nerd”. He’s put out a couple of albums that blend pop, drone and musique concrete. He’ll be collaborating with Marco Fusinato on the night.

Marco has collaborated with Thurston fucking Moore. He’s a visual artist and musician and also plays in the experimental/free/noise group SOLVER with John Nixon. He also runs the FreewaySound label, which, apart from releasing his own and SOLVER’s stuff, has also released albums by the likes of NZ free-noise-alchemists A Handful of Dust.

Julian Williams says this about himself: “Hello, My name is Julian Williams and I’ve been doing my thing in music and experimental theatre in Melbourne for years now, how they go so fast.” These things have included another old-Melbourne-favourite The Solids, a million solo tapes and rekkids on his own From The Same Mother label, and currently Hi-God People. He has a new album out now/soon on Synaesthesia called Liquidambar.