• Downtown (millionth show at forepaw and 2nd last show ever!)
  • Wasted Truth (2/3rds of Downtown + Lakes)
  • Bum Creek
  • Super Star (ex-Deaf! Deaf!)
  • Emesis (from Brisvegas)

This is a CD launch/fundraiser for the Melbourne leg of the Summer Winds festival. Go here for more info about that and the bands involved.

We will say that the main reason we have nothing on next weekend is so we can go to SW on the 26th. You should all try and make it to that and this show too. You can have yer Merediths and yer Big Day Outs, Summer Winds is Australia’s Finest Summer Music Festival.

NOTE: Early promo (including the flyer on the SW myspace) list ZOND as headlining this show. Well, they’re not playing. They played here last weekend and yes, they were pretty fantastic, but their volume levels make our neighbours CRAZY with HATE and RAGE. Which is entirely reasonable. So we can’t have them back, unfortunately.

7.30pm. AA. $10 with Summer Winds compilation CD