• Fatti Frances
  • Beaches
  • Default Jamerson

Fatti Frances is a newish pop band featuring Raquel Solier (formerly Oh! Belgium, Jemima Jemima). With Help from Judy Garland aka Sarah Weston, Geoff O’Connor from Sly Hats/Crayon Fields, Max Cohan of Agents of Abhorrence and Tim Picone from Unstable Ape Records/The Night Terrors. They sound pretty sweet to me.

Beaches features folks from local groops like Love of Diagrams, Spider Vomit and Panel of Judges. They are good. Have a listen on the Myspace. My favourite Beaches review so far: “melbourne 2008 = south island 1983”

Default Jamerson is Marcus Cook. He just put out an album on Sabbatical. The best phrase in their album description is “Brilliant tone vapours”. They also use the word “ominous”. That should give you an idea.

8.30pm, $cheap