• Lost Animal
  • Barrage
  • Das Butcher

8.30pm, $cheap

This Friday night features three of Melbourne’s finest solo acts. Wait, come back! There’s not a single acoustic guitar strummer amongst ‘em:

I think we might have said before that Lost Animal is one of our most favourite new local things. The top two influences listed on his myspace are Suicide and Serge Gainsbourg, and that kinda nails it, but, you know, not really. Sparse, raw songs with crooning vox and minimal backing. “Say No to Thugs” is a stand-out earworm.

Barrage: The Big Issue sez: “The austere moodiness of early 80s new romanticism and the bounce-riddled aesthetics of early 90s melodic electronics … [with] a strangely disturbing edge.” Mess + Noise sez: “A chronicle of order and disorder for a golden dawn” which is, uh, meaningless, but has a nice ring to it.

Das Butcher reckons: “Mother used to always speak backwards to me, then one day I found a casio rapman in hard rubbish, I got dressed all in blood, made some noise, & this is what happened.” He’s not joking about the blood neither.