• Rosalind Hall and Marco Cher-Gibard
  • Pig and Machine
  • Glee Cartel
  • Either/Or
  • Solid State and Sympathia

A night of diverse and intense audio/visual stimulation, featuring acts from as far afield as Japan, New Zealand and East Brunswick! Noise is a point of departure and a point of return.

Solid State and Sympathia are spatial and dissonant, an interrogation of resonance in its many permutations. It is a dialogue between digital and analogue, involving ferrous metals and field recordings, among other things.

Either/Or is a keen eyed and eared scavenger in a world of discardation. This performance will include mutated magnetics, found and recorded loops, and dumpstered mp3 players, deftly DIY’ed together.

Glee Cartel is half human, half insect king of the earth, weaving dense textiles of sound from disarming, disparate threads. Looping, ebbing flowing, frothing, carpet to line your inner ear.

Rosalind Hall and Marco Cher-Gibard furnish the listener and viewer with an engaging, articulate, and technically impressive audio/visual experience. Live-fed cross examinations of the saxophone are cut up, processed, manipulated and re-projected in real time. This is a communication through air, tone, wire, lenses and light, and establishes a compelling dynamic between the real, the captured, the hyper-real. Simply must be seen!

Pig and Machine have freshly relocated to Melbourne from a vivid Osaka noise scene, and their performances are searing hot costumed energetic. Hovering between noise punkk, breakcore and day glo gospel, they are very, very difficult to stand still to!!!!

There will also be vegan treats! Come along and be merry!

7pm sharp, Entry by donation