Sustenance is a one-night only exhibition by Oliver van der Lugt. This is what he has to say about it: “Some people would call it art, i prefer to call it a constellation. It encompasses sound, projection, light works, an interactive installation, drawings, objects, photographs and soup. This is a measure of time (travel) (has gently amassed over the course of just under a year of living in melbourne), drawn from/ with what is at hand. Sometimes intuitive/ obtuse/ oblique investigations of environment, syntax, colour, light, texture, rhythm, listening, mapping, narrative, decay. Come along to construct and collapse, bathe in space, play, talk, eat soup, lay on the floor. (and say hello before i leave for japan and europa!)”

Take note of that mention of soup: if you are hungry for eye/ear/stomach food on Sunday evening you know where the action is.

Free 6-9pm