Oh man, we got so much shit to get rid of. Books, zines, magazines, piles of cassettes, musical instruments, electronic devices, toys, art supplies, clothing, shoes. Knick-knacks, gee-gaws and lots of flim-flam. There is much treasure to be found amongst our trash, trust me.

A few of our Big Ticket Items: A ridiculous, enormous Hum-Vee-like video projector supposedly “sourced” from Crown Casino. A four-draw filing cabinet. A couple of bookshelves. A cute little desk. A television with faux wood panelling.

We are very keen to get this fucking garbage out of our lives so just about any offer will be accepted as long as you can take the stuff away on the day.

For smaller items, we’ll be running a “Fill A Bag for 5 Bucks or so” deal, so you can gorge yourself on our unwanted stuff. Fun!

Money raised will go towards various much-needed Forepaw improvements.

11am to 7pm both days.