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Cray (Ross Healy) will be doing his first live show in 6 years. Ross has been an active member of the Melbourne experimental/electronic scene since the early 90’s. He has released many albums, EPs etc round the globe under many aliases (This Digital Ocean, Amnesia, 56k, Siko Spunji, Cray etc) and his music styles have covered Industrial, Techno, IDM, Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, Experimental Computer Noise etc.

Leaving behind the beatz for the last 8 years Ross now lives with analog modular synths and will be performing an abstract electronics set.

Ross is also the founding member of VICMOD the worlds first modular synthesiser build group . They meet one Saturday a month and build modular synth modules. It is free—you just buy the modules to build and solder iron etc. VICMOD is aimed at total electronic soldering noobies. If you are interested in joining please contact vicmod (at) internode.on.net. http://www.youtube.com/user/cray56

Evil Jed is Gerrard Jenner: sound artist, producer and sonic landscaper. Gerrard (aka Jed) has been sculpting environments for listeners to cohabitate for the last 12 years and in that time he has colaborated with a number of artists and musicians including Team Red, Arnya Tehira, Jezabel and Squair.

He has also been involved with Outpost, tRansMIT, Clan Analogue, Unknown Language and Electrofringe sound collectives and has worked and performed alongside artists including Monolake, Zen Paradox, Wind Up Toys, Bubble and Squeak, Robin Fox, Ai Yamamoto, and Terminal Sound System.

Jed’s musical output runs the full gamut from pop to experimental, with his latest works having a dub techno/haunted house flavour, and employs home built electronics and programmed devices into his live sets. http://myspace.com/eviljedmusic

Team Red: One day Billy and cam, the 1920’s time traveller, were driving along… one of those long crazy days. The time traveller suddenly wound down the driver’s window, shoved his clenched fist out in the air, and yelled out “Team Red”. Billy, (aka the tard, the filth generator, the fruit cake,) declared that would be a spiffy name for a band…..then some time later Bill and Cam found themselves collaborating over the internet and in person, and so Team Red was born. Later Bill was dragged along by his cultured German freind Kurtles to La Mama, feeling quite awake after conversing with the dodgy lebanese man, noted that a young gentleman called Jezza described himself as a cartoon and his performance was exactly that. So soon Jezza after sandwiches and fish joined the band, and they went and performed in Wagga Wagga in 2004 and still perform around the place looking to hone their music and perfromance making skills and for love and chicken and love and chicken. http://myspace.com/goteamred

Screwtape: Noise. Home taping project for twelve years. Releases on Dreamland and Lonely Whistle. Distributed by Shame File. Online at MP3.com.au, Virb and Soundclick. Collaborations with Clinton Green, James Smith and Richard Wixner. Hardly ever plays live. http://mp3.com.au/screwtape

Abre Ojos: improvised sound and vision for dystopian mediation created using modular synthesis, temporally warped video and death metal vocals. “sonic/visual-landscapes that express an ancient mystery in the heart of the mind/nature” but set firmly in these dark days of the 21st century. Also on the myspace. http://abreojos.net/