Impact of the 2021 cohort:

  • 45 members

  • 6+ learning and social events

  • $11,500 in micro-grants

  • 5 nonprofits received support

What is the Emerging Leaders Impact Fund (ELIF)?

The ELIF is a diverse group of passionate people who are interested in using the power of philanthropy to make a positive difference in Prince George’s County. The ELIF enables people to pool their resources and together fund programs that positively impact the community. Members participate in hands-on activities to learn firsthand about community needs and strategic philanthropy.

Why is the ELIF so vital to Prince George’s County?

The ELIF seeks to raise awareness and catalyze action around critical issues affecting Prince George’s County. The importance of the fund lies in its goal to enable residents to participate more fully in the social and economic growth of the County. If we are to successfully address economic injustice, the County’s fledging nonprofit sector will require deeper and more strategic investments. The ELIF enables members to pool resources and make a larger impact with their giving.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the ELIF?

As a member you not only join an exclusive network of givers finding solutions to community problems, you also have the privilege of recommending organizations for grant consideration. The ELIF connects members to organizations doing meaningful work in the County. Through site visits, member roundtables, nonprofit showcases, and special events, members gain a deep understanding of Prince George’s County.

How can I become a member of ELIF?

The ELIF annual membership is open to all emerging leaders (45 years of age and under) and others that support the County’s future leaders. Use the form to the right to select your membership level and make your gift online or by sending a check. Once you join, you can participate in the many learning opportunities offered and help select high-impact organizations for investments.

What is the annual membership fee for the ELIF?

To join the ELIF, members contribute an annual membership fee — $500 for charter members, $240 for annual members, or students can join for $120 (just $10 a month!). Charter members, working in partnership with the Executive Committee, will help shape the philanthropic direction of the ELIF. All contributions are tax-deductible and 90% of every gift supports grants to be distributed by ELIF, while 10% of contributions go to the permanently endowed Fund for Prince George’s County to support a broad range of community needs, projects, and programs.

2020-21 Charter Members

Sasha Bradford
Carri Cowan
Ernest Cowan
Michelle Harrington
Veronica Jeon
D. Paul Monteiro
Lanta Evans Motte
John Parker
Desmirra Quinnonez
Walter Simmons
Jason & Thalia Washington
Jessica Wellons
Tonia Wellons

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Executive Committee Members

Davion Percy (Co-chair)
D. Paul Monteiro (Co-chair)
Chelsea Brown
Jessica Wellons
Veronica Jeon