Communicating About Your Grant

The Greater Washington Community Foundation is honored to partner with you to support your work to improve communities across the region. This page offers you resources to help raise awareness and acclaim for your organization by leveraging the news you have received funding from The Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation would also like to share how your grant has helped your organization do more good in our communities. Please let us know if you have pictures and/or videos from your programs or events we can use to share how your organization and our partnership enriches our communities and increases equity in the Greater Washington region.

Guidelines for Acknowledging the Greater Washington Community Foundation

Please submit for prior approval any communications that use The Community Foundation’s name or logo. You may acknowledge support from the Greater Washington Community Foundation on any materials related to your grant using the following language:

  • When you receive a grant directly from The Community Foundation or an anonymous donor fund: Support provided by a grant from the Greater Washington Community Foundation."

  • When you receive a grant from a component fund at The Community Foundation: Support provided by a grant from [insert name of fund or donor], a component fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation.


Download the following logos to post on your website, signs and plaques, or other marketing materials related to your grant:

Questions about how to use logos, or need logo versions not included here? Please email us and let us know!

Boilerplate Language

  • When including a description, please use the following: Since 1973, the Greater Washington Community Foundation has been a champion of thriving communities and a catalyst for community change through local philanthropic engagement, effective community investment, and civic leadership. The Community Foundation mobilizes the generosity of individuals, families, and businesses to amplify the impact of nonprofit organizations making a difference every day in our communities. As the region’s largest local funder, The Community Foundation has invested more than $1.3 billion in building equitable, just, and enriching communities where all residents can live, work, and thrive. More information can be found at

Want to know how to thank a donor for their check via The Community Foundation? Visit our Nonprofit FAQs to learn more.

Information for Your Press Release

Issuing a news release to the media offers an opportunity to tell your story through the people you help and the impact your work is creating in our community. Please submit your press release to our marketing team for review prior to distribution.


  • Make your press release pop: Sending photos along with your stories and articles will make your submissions more appealing to media.

  • Highlight your partnership with The Community Foundation: Use our acknowledgement language. Include our boilerplate language at the bottom of your press release.

  • Don’t forget to share the news with your broader community: Post the news on your website, social media (make sure to tag us!), newsletter, and in other publications. Please share any mentions of this grant with us, and we would be happy to share them through our channels as well.

Share Your Grant on Social Media

The Community Foundation features many grant recipients on our social media accounts. If you post about your grant and/or any grant funded programs or events, please tag us on these channels. We will like and/or share most grant-related posts.

Follow Us and Tag us:

Sample Social Media Posts to Announce Your Grant


We have great news! [Your nonprofit’s name and/or program name] has received a grant from @CommunityFndn to [explain what your grant will be used for]. Read more: [Insert link to your press release for more info]


We are excited to share that [your nonprofit's name and/or program name] just received a grant from @CommunityFndn! [Insert link to your press release for more info]


We are proud to share that [your organization's name and/or program name] was awarded a grant from @CommunityFndn!

Share Your Impact

The Community Foundation often features stories from our grantees in our newsletter, website, social media channels, and annual report. We love to share with our broader community the work that funding from our donors and community impact funds has supported. We encourage you to share examples of your impact and photos of your work in action with us.

If you would like to be considered for a programming feature, please email us for more information. In your email to us, include statistics or stories that share how funding from The Community Foundation has allowed your organization to go beyond or sustain the work you would do without that funding.

Please also let us know when you host grant-related events and programs! We can help spread the word. Occasionally we can also assign staff to attend and capture the event for our blog or social media channels.