Open A Fund

Whether you're looking to open your own fund, plan your legacy gift, or contribute to an existing initiative, the Greater Washington Community Foundation offers a variety of vehicles to direct your charitable giving. 

Working with us means you receive:

A dedicated partner focused on achieving your charitable goals. 

The benefits of charitable giving with more convenience and flexibility. 

An expert in local philanthropy and building thriving communities.

Our professional staff can help develop and implement a charitable giving plan that achieves your goals, while creating a lasting impact on the causes that matter most to you.

Doing your giving with The Community Foundation makes it possible to maximize the tax benefits and the impact of your philanthropy without the labor of a private foundation.

Our expertise spans more than 45 years of leading critical community initiatives and funding thousands of nonprofits throughout the region. Our staff will provide you with expert philanthropic advisory services.

Charitable Fund Types

Charitable Gift Options Chart v2.png

Opening a fund with us is easy, and we're ready to help you.

  1. If you are interested in opening a Donor-Advised Fund, click on Get Started and fill out the fund agreement.

  2. Send your fund agreement to

  3. If you’re interested in one of the other charitable fund types listed above, please contact us.


Complex Assets

Closely held stock, real estate, or other real assets.

Liquid Assets

Cash, credit card, or publicly traded securities can easily be used to add philanthropic resources to a fund. 

Private Foundation Assets

Your existing private foundation may also be converted into a component fund within The Community Foundation. You can retain the name and purpose of the private foundation while alleviating the administrative and compliance burdens.

Legacy Gifts

We can work with you or your advisor to create a legacy plan. Click here to learn more.