Investments with Purpose

A Message from our Investment Committee

Welcome! We know that achieving your philanthropic goals requires informed, strategic, and thoughtful investment options. At the Community Foundation, we offer several investment strategies to match your giving goals, making it possible for you to sustain your fund and invest it to maximize impact.

Investing your charitable dollars and being good stewards of our donors’ assets is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We take our commitment and responsibility to you, and to our broader community, very seriously. This page has been created to provide you with clear, transparent information about your investment options, our policies and performance, and our oversight.

Thank you for choosing The Community Foundation as your partner in giving. We look forward to working with you.



Lesley-Jane Dixon

Investment Committee Chair


Mary Pat Alcus

Immediate Past Investment Committee Chair


We believe it is important to consider racial and gender diversity in the management of our investment portfolio. SEI shares our commitment to retain a diverse pool of investment managers while achieving our investment objectives. Through the combined investment fund, our fundholders access and benefit from this diversity.

We are also working with SEI to exercise competent and socially responsible stewardship in how it manages our financial resources by incorporating a “Do No Harm Policy” when deploying assets. Recognizing that our donors and our ability to carry out our mission depend upon a reasonable return on investments, we are committed to avoiding investments which work against our philanthropic goal for a just and equitable Greater Washington region.

Community Foundation Investment Options

To optimize your philanthropic investment, you can choose from an array of options to allocate all or part of your fund’s investment. When making decisions about which of these options is right for you, we encourage you to consider your risk tolerance, grantmaking time horizon, and philanthropic intentions for your fund.

If you would like to learn more about any of these investment options or talk to us about reallocating all or part of your fund’s investment, please contact Juliana Mitrojorgji. Changes to the allocation percentages for existing fund advisors can be made quarterly if the request is received at least 15 days prior to quarter end.

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Combined Investment Fund

This global balanced fund is the most common investment choice for our donors. Using well-researched, high-quality and regularly-monitored investments, the committee’s goal is to offer a diversified, risk-adjusted portfolio that enables donors to support current and future programmatic work and grantmaking. The Community Foundation has created a highly diversified investment portfolio to ensure financial resources are managed to grow over time for increased philanthropic impact.

Vanguard Index Funds

The Community Foundation offers four low-cost index funds. An index fund is a passively managed mutual fund created to closely match the risk and return of the market-weighted index it is attempting to track, such as the S&P 500. The intent is to provide broad market exposure, lower operating expenses (fees), and lower turnover.

Impact Investment

Working with Enterprise Community Loan Fund, Inc., we offer a place-based mission investing opportunity for donors. You may allocate a portion of your fund at The Community Foundation toward our investment in the development and preservation of affordable and supportive housing in the region. The investments made through ECLF are projects intended to create a positive social outcome along with a financial return. The investments take the form of financing to organizations assisting in the fight to end homelessness and housing insecurity. Learn more.

Cash/Money Market Fund

Maintaining 100% liquidity by investing in cash and cash equivalents is an option for donors. This choice offers the least amount of risk and the corresponding yield reflects that. This vehicle is usually preferred when immediate or near-term grant recommendations are planned, or in conjunction with any of the other options.

Separately Managed Fund – You have the option to retain your current investment manager or name an external qualified investment advisor to manage your investments, subject to Investment Committee approval. Your Separately Managed Account must maintain a minimum value of $500,000. The Community Foundation will work with the financial advisor to maintain a reasonable asset allocation, manage cash flow needs, and approve changes to the investments within the account.

Investment oversight

Our investment committee is comprised of seasoned investment and business professionals. With the aid of our OCIO, the committee sets an investment policy, makes strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions, and monitors and evaluates investment performance.

Please review our investment policy for more information.


Our Partnership with SEI

The Community Foundation has partnered with SEI, a leading asset manager with 450+ clients worldwide and $330 billion in assets under management.

SEI serves as The Community Foundation’s outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), functioning as an extension of our staff and Investment Committee, providing world-class investment expertise, and focusing on managing the charitable funds you have entrusted to us.

SEI is a large, global firm that makes significant annual investments in research tools and technology for investment and risk management. Because SEI has taken on full fiduciary accountability for the selection, oversight and replacement of money managers, The Community Foundation Investment Committee is able to focus more time on strategic initiatives, such as asset allocation and overall financial strength. The Community Foundation Board and Investment Committee believe this model will have great benefit in enabling us to best support our communities.

An Introduction to SEI, the Greater Washington Community Foundation's OCIO

Questions? Contact Glenn Harris, OCIO
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