Remembering Rhonda Whitaker and Waldon Adams

Waldon and Rhonda were an inspiration to so many in our community. After overcoming so much, they used their experience to help others secure permanent housing and became fierce advocates for ending homelessness in DC.

As an advocate with Miriam’s Kitchen, Rhonda joined us last year to educate donors and private sector leaders on “The Truth About Chronic Homelessness and the Solution” and how housing can save lives

As a member of our Partnership to End Homelessness Leadership Council, we were honored to work closely with Waldon. You couldn’t be a part of this work in DC without knowing him and feeling his commitment and passion. We are incredibly grateful that he was willing to lend his passion and expertise to the Leadership Council. His personal experience and years working to help others both grounded our strategies and made our work stronger. Whether running marathons, speaking with private sector leaders, or helping someone find housing, he gave 100%.

We will never be able to adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for everything they have done for our community. We know our partners, especially those at Miriam’s Kitchen and Pathways, are grieving and we also know they will continue to fight to end homelessness as Rhonda and Waldon did every day.